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Sweetgrass collection with 5 products
Sweetgrass 5 products    
Gourmet Grillware
Metal Serveware
Western collection with 7 products
Western 7 products 1  
Classic collection with 1 products
Classic 1 product 1  
Coastal collection with 5 products
Coastal 5 products 2  
Sea Life collection with 3 products
Sea Life 3 products    
Stafford collection with 1 products
Stafford 1 product 2  
Hampstead collection with 2 products
Hampstead 2 products 1  
Wild Wood  collection with 2 products
Wild Wood 2 products    
General Products

Founded in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1892, Wilton Armetale is a long established supplier of fine serveware and
grillware to department stores and specialty stores in the U.S. and
internationally. Armetale metal is a food-safe alloy designed and developed for the demanding stress of restaurant use. It will not break, chip or crack and can be used to cook, prepare and present your cooking creations. 

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